London Collection™ Eau de Cologne

London Collection™ Eau de Cologne

The London Collection, suitable for either sex, has a Chypre-rich aroma that enhances the natural elegance of any well-heeled traveler. Blend of East Indian Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oakmoss and Lavender a classic Chypre blend. (100 ml • 3.5 fl. oz.) Bottle by Brosse, Paris

Customer Reviews

***** I used the shampoo and conditioner at The Samoset in Rockport, ME. (Johannah - I believe you may mean Bar Harbor, ME). I loved the fragrance so much that I brought my bottles home with me & still enjoy smelling the scent of the almost empty bottles. I will get more of these products as their scent is so irresistible. Kathy A Gamache

***** I can't believe how many people have complimented me on the London Collection Cologne. Even the man I started dating loves it...I won't be without. Thank you Dorothy Prentice!!

***** I discovered this fragrance line while staying at a hotel in Bar Harbor, Mass. After coming home I immediately went online to find the products. I am now on my third bottle of cologne and have pretty much given up all other fragrances. I constantly have people in department stores, grocery stores and at work wanting to know what I am wearing. The compliments are never ending. I have given the bath collection for gifts and received raves. Johannah Reed, Taylorsville, IN.

***** I have been using this fragrance for almost ten years, since I discovered it at an inn in Northern CA. I find the fragrance intoxicating, as does my partner. It is my signature fragrance - I wear this or nothing. Mary Holmes, Long Beach, CA