Green Tea & Ginger™ Body Lotion 150 Ml

Green Tea & Ginger™ Body Lotion 150 Ml

Extract of Green Tea, and other extracts of Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Arnica Montana, combine to provide radical protection factors and assist in maintaining healthy and vibrant skin. Soothing emollients and anti-oxidants provide extra moisture for nourishment and protection. (150 ml • 5 fl. oz.)

Customer Reviews

***** I also discovered this line of products at Trump, but at the Taj, and I cannot agree more with the 1st review the products are fantastic!! I have used many many lotions but this this body lotions is by far the best. I will be ordering on a regular basis

***** The Green tea and ginger lotions, shampoos and body washes are absolutley the most wonderful product I have ever used. I 1st encountered them at the Trump Plaza. I have been using them daily ever since. They are just luscious and make my skin feel wonderful. Do you sell larger containers